About Familyism: 


Family, in all its strange, dark, quirky glory, is at the center of this collection of tightly woven, deliciously wrought stories…Bond knows the vagaries of the human heart and explores it with warmth and wit and savage intelligence.


       —Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected

          Works from 2003-2018


Tori Bond’s Familyism is an audacious debut collection…a reflection of chaotic American values full of maddening absurdities and wild delights.

       —Carla Spataro, Editorial Director, Philadelphia Stories and

           PS  Books


Familyism takes the familiar and makes it startlingly strange, twisted into unfinished moments and, more than anything, unspoken truths. Bond's own words…soar like crows, or like chickens, and sometimes, like hope.

            —Amy L Clark, author of Adulterous Generation


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