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"Safe Word" is a satirical story about how one family embraces active shooter drills as a way to cope with the ever present threat of gun violence.


"Safe Word" will appear in the Winter Issue of Exacting Clam

Published Work

10 Sociopathic Traits to Nurture in Your Child for Huge Success 

                                      - McSweeney's 




Flash Fiction:


"Date Night" in Atticus Review


"Tourniquet Tuesdays" in Cease, Cows


"Iris" in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine


“Exoskeleton” in Hoot Literary Magazine


“Familyism” in Monkeybicycle


“Not You” in The Best of 2013 Nailpolish Stories 


"Guts" in Postcard Poems and Prose


"Mom's Club" in Every Day Fiction


“Clawing the Carpet” in Nailpolish Stories


“Transmutation” in The Bicycle Review


“Happy Anniversary” in The Bicycle Review 


“Mom Please Don’t Do That” in Wilderness House Literary Review 





Interview: Amy L. Clark discusses Metallic Origami, Wanting, and Flash Fiction at

Interview with ePub Agent Julia Bannon


Interview with Randall Brown


Interview with Literary Agent Marie Lamba


Interview with Keith Strunk



               Flash Fiction Funny
You know those sketches on Saturday Night Live that go on too long? None of these stories do. The secret of comedy is timing, and Flash Fiction Funny is comic perfection.
     -Wesley Stace, novelist and (as John Wesley Harding) 
       musician  and  host of NPR's Cabinet of Wonders
Tom Hazuka's Flash Fiction Funny is a delight. Comical, silly, absurd, slapstick, quirky and always fun, it tickles. Well-crafted flashes by established and up-and-coming authors find humour in a wonderful array of characters and scenarios...this endlessly surprising anthology is light-hearted but also warm-hearted... Enjoy!
    -Peter Blair and Ashley Chantler, Editors, Flash:The International        Short-Short Story Magazine (Chester, UK)
                        Extraordinary Gifts
Gifts celebrates 20 remarkable women with Philadelphia connections - including Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Mead, Mary Cassatt, and Marian Anderson - with original art, poetry, and fiction by contemporary artists and writers from the Philadelphia area. Each of the women this volume honors, some familiar and some less well known, have changed the world through their courage to think outside the box, to go against convention, and to defy society's expectations for their gender. The stories of these women span over two centuries of local and global history.
      -Melissa Tevere, art editor for Philadelphia Stories
         and founder of MamaCITA.
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